Would you date someone you dont find attractive if they are 'good hearted'? explaining is welcome?

anonymous answers are welcome.
some of us find some races, people, ugly or unattractive? would you date those. ex: short, too tall, skinny, fat, black, pasty etc...

*disclaimer. i dont support any second hand treatment depending on race, looks, religion, gender or anything else. this question is purely about partner choice.

  • dude that is racist.
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  • s/he directly in the friendzone
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  • well its all about what you are attracted to i have a crush on this guy that everyone calls ugly but im=n my eyes he's the only guy im focused on and really likes he's a bad boy with a great heart cuz he's really nice to me and super friendly i want him so see how cool i am so he's probably like me but looks can be decieving a really cute guy can be nice at first but then really rude and disrespectful.. so u probably want an attractive person bu they can be decent looking but at the same time you want someone who is gonna love you


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  • I won't date someone that I don't find the slightest bit attractive. I need attraction in a relationship or else it won't work out. It's not always that the person isn't attractive, but it is sometimes that I just don't find them attractive, you know?

  • Looks don't matter to me. I mean, I get attracted to attractive men, but I've once been completely in love with a guy who was not good looking at all. I just liked him for his talents, personality, style (as in fashion), and brain. :)

  • SOME attraction is important. He does not have to be Channing Tatum, but he has to be at least average looking. :)

  • If I'm attracted to their personality I'll be attracted to them sexually too that's just joke I work


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