She said she's not interested but she still keeps flirting with me?

I dated this girl a couple of times. At a point she said that she was not interested in anything with me. She literally said I don't see anything in the near future happening with us. I work with her and the thing is, she still wants to hang out and when we do she is all over me, holds my hand, plays with my hair, playing footsie with me, whats the deal? I want to move on and I feel like she's been clear with what she said but I keep thinking she's interested by her actions.


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  • You're right, her words are saying one thing and her actions are saying the opposite.
    She's playing you.
    I'd stop hanging out with her. If she doesn't want to date you or be with you, flirting with you while hanging out is NOT cool and I'm sure she knows that.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • when does love become possible? when no fucking games are being played, it is self interest that causes separation, you should respect yourself enough to no be played like a fool. Find someone who likes you, there's always room to develop your personality, but don't go into a relationship just so you don't end up alone

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