How to tell if a guy is losing interest or if things are just cooling down?

How do I know if the guy I am seeing is losing interest... or if things are just passed that honeymoon phase... We texted every day and snapchatted the first week we dated. The second week not as much, but we did see each other once. So far this third week I've initiated all texts. We've talked, he's been nice, but he has stopped replying to my snapchats. It's only Monday so we haven't made any plans to see each other. I don't want to initiate, but maybe I should?

How do I go about this without seeming needy? I'd rather not just have us stop texting/talking to each other... I'd rather we actually talked about whether or not things have ended because with him I really won't be able to tell! Part of me just thinks he's busy and that that whole honeymoon phase has ended (because he's still super nice when we do talk). Then the other part of me thinks it's bad that he hasn't initiated texts for a couple days and/or hasn't asked me out on another date.

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  • If I was in your position I'd do the stupid thing and flip out. So just stay calm. Things may not go your way but you have to stay positive.
    I reckon what you should do, is kinda give back a bit. So don't initiate a text. Don't talk to him, wait for him to talk to you. You'll find out the easy way if he's lost interest, because he won't speak to you at all! Which would be an awful consequence, but remember that things happen for a reason.
    Make sure you're completely composed about the sitch, because I think guys like that wall of stability in a girl, so make sure that if you do happen to get upset, he doesn't know about it.
    If he messages you but it's kind of deadpan and you're getting irritated by the lack of emotion, etc, maybe ask him if he'd like to go out again. Depending on his response, you'll be able to figure out how things are headed too.

    • Ohh my goodness. Yeah, I am freaking out, but texting all day every day and sending snapchats for a full week to... never initiating anything? That's just annoying. Then he's still super nice if I do initiate something! I'm done texting him today. I'd rather hear from him in person that he's not interested, but sheesh, apparently that's too much to ask.

    • Yeah no I completely understand love, I've had a similar issue with a guy a long time ago and I reacted in a bad way. Not texting him today might just do the trick because he'll start to wonder why you're not talking to him.

    • Alright... starting now... no sending messages.

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  • Hey! weakup the guy is seeing someone else and has no time or intrest in you weakup sleepy head do something before its over time is running out before is to late and your dumped.

    • Except he's not seeing anyone else... starting now I'm not texting him... I guess if he never texts me than that is that.

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    • there's nothing to go to?

    • okay then move on.

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