Should I involve her frienemy?

Okay so I was at my girlfriends sisters wedding.
My gf had recelny been in an argument with the female leader of a group of friends my gf is part of.
I thought the hatchet has been buried by the time the wedding came. I made the mistake of talking to one of the members of the rivalling female tribe. This annoyed my gf as apparently this girl was rude to her.

The next day my gf contacts me saying someone overheard me mocking my gf to this other girl. Apparently I said "I hope she's having fun waiting for me on the dance floor".
I never said this. Whoever overhead it misheard what I said. I do recall ending the conversation saying something like "I should go find my gf now I think she's looking for me at the dance floor" or something like that.
My gf is taking the stance that the person who overheard me heard exactly what I was saying.
I'm now feeling like I should contact the girl I was talking to confirm for my own personal reassurance I never said that.
Problem is gf hates this girl now and I feel bad dragging random girl into it.
Should I contact this girl to verify what I'm saying? I


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  • Id say sit down in a moderately public place (so there's no violence due to anger) and talk it out , explain in detail what happens and try to come to an understanding between you two


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