On average how long does it take for a guy to decide you are someone who he would marry or not?

How long? Weeks? Months? Years?
Do things depend on age?
If he doesn't see himself marrying a girl why stay with her?


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  • Two factors:

    1) How certain I am that I know the real you (may take a while so I can see how you behave under different circumstances--your looks maybe got you in the doorway, but they have no bearing whatsoever on whether or not I'll marry you)
    2) How long I suspect we would have to date before a proposal wouldn't scare you off--likely wouldn't be an issue, since I'd be screening you harder than you would be screening me. If the girl was truly amazing (very few people are), then this might be a consideration.

    Actually, a third factor:

    3) Can you come up with any compelling rationale for why I should marry you? I have yet to see a compelling reason for a man to get married today--anything I want from a relationship I can have without a traditionally defined, legal marriage--sex, kids, companionship, etc. But there are plenty of reasons for a guy not to get married, particularly as it regards legal issues/finances, among other things. So why should I do it?


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  • I imagine it varies widely depending on the individual guy. A lot of it would have to do with his outlook on life, whether he tends to be romantic or realistic or pessimistic. Also, how long he has known you before you started dating. His parents' relationship may affect his view. Look to see how long he dated an ex-girlfriend for an indication.