Date In 2 Days... Kinda Nervous... Not Sure If She Likes Me Or Not!?

Here's a quick description of me without going into too much detail: I'm a good looking guy (so I've been told). I dress nice and am pretty well groomed. I am very anxious/awkward around people.

As a result of the above, I have turned to Tinder as a means to date women. I currently have a lot of women interested in me, but I am interested in a few girls.

I went on a date last week with this girl I met from Tinder. We talked two weeks before our date. She didn't text me/talk to me much leading up to the date. When we were on the date, it went well, I thought. After the date, she still won't talk to me unless I talk to her first... so I cut off contact with her.

I've been talking to this girl on and off for a 3 weeks via Tinder. I also got her number and we text often (always me initiating -_-)... BUT she expressed interest in seeing me, so I asked her if she would like to go on a date and she agreed. I am picking her up (she has no car), we are going to the movies, going to eat at a fast food joint, and then we are going for a walk near the lake. That's my plan.

I'm a little nervous for this date. Since I am kinda awkward around people, I feel like she may notice and that will kill any attraction. Also, the last time I spoke to her was last Thursday via text. I always have to initiate the text, but we usually have good conversation. We were supposed to go out last week, but I ducked out because I got nervous and then she texted me first (lol) and asked what happened. We have also shared some intimate secrets with each other as well XD.

Do you think she likes me? Any tips for this date? Just don't want to look like an awkward loser.


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  • be yourself, be a gentleman, ask her questions, be interested.

    If she is interested in the real you i don't see a problem...
    also try to look interested! i can't emphasize in this enough.
    But you seem like a nice guy,
    you'll be okay!

    • Ha. Thanks. Do you also think I should shoot her a text later tonight? For some reason, women NEVER text me first unless I text them -_-. Last time I spoke to her was last Thursday.

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    • I'm trying to save the conversation for the date... so I never know what to say during texting. Should I just say... "Hey! What's up? How is your day going?" I mean... when I talk to her, I say that often and I am sure it gets old. What would you suggest I say to a girl during text? What kind of things do you like to talk about/hear when you are texting with a guy?

    • Honestly, if i like the guy i'm just happy to hear from him.

      i think yeah, ask her whats up and then when the conversation progresses talk to her about the date, what you have planed and just to confirm.

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