So does he not want to see me?

I ran into an ex and when we were hanging out one thing led to another (you know how that goes). But he said he wanted to see me again. However he has only been sporadically getting back to my texts and broke our plans to go to dinner (with a nice little slumber party after). I know he has been crazy busy at work, but was he not serious, cause I kinda would like another go at me and him.


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  • Is he serious? Probably.
    Is he really eager? Don't hold your breath.

    You two are ex's, so there may be a little of "been there, done that" going on. I think he will also put workload details and personal life details at a higher priority, since it seems unsensible to sacrifice for someone it didn't work with at the first go.

    • Well we dated when we were teenagers. But considering he gave up a very willing bed mate when he supposedly has been having an action less few months is what makes me wonder.

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    • I could do that. But when we first started hanging out he was very much aware I was into this other guy, which he seemed cool with. But I feel that I might wanna spend time with him (plus the other guy is just not gonna play out, but might leave that alone) and really want to discuss us trying to be us again.

    • Good - it sounds like you got some solid plans. Now you have something to dicuss / move forward towards when you call. :)

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