I am caught between two guys, what do I do!?

I was talking to a guy for a couple of years but it never led into an relationship because I was always skeptical about him and other females. We never stop communicating with each other we still flirt, but we're just not in a relationship. Now here's where it get interesting. So last year this guy who's been trying to talk to me since forever contacted me through social media, now I always brushed him off but for some reason I gave him my number. So we've been texting each other and feelings is starting to surface and it shocked me because I'm usually guarded and never give anybody a chance. So to make a long story short... I recently found out that both of the guys know each other and the one I known for a couple of years is jealous and feel like I'm giving the other guy more attention and opportunities than him. What should I do?


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  • It's not your responsibility to give lthe friend you talk to for years more attention than the guy who has just surfaced. The reason being is because you're not his girlfriend. Now , it may be hurting him because all these years he's been ready to have a serious relationship but you kept brushing him off because of some assumption you have of him talking to other women. You should have found out whether or not he was really talking to all these other females if you seriously had feelings for him but since it doesn't seem like you ever did , just pursue the relationship with the new guy. It seems like he makes you happy and makes you feel good and safe enough to open up to him.


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  • I would personally tell the jealous guy to get over himself. ***I recommend saying it in a more gentle manner***, but he has had a few years to make a move and he hasn't. You have began to move on and he's getting jealous. That isn't a type of guy that you want to get involved with because if he's jealous of you talking to other guys even though you're not even dating puts up a few red flags as to what he might be like later in the relationship.
    Reading what I said I can see that it is hard to distinguish who I am talking about in certain points. For future reference, I recommend possibly giving people that you're talking about sur-names or something of the sort to help us distinguish between the two.


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