When do you know your ready to go after another girl after a breakup/ fallout?

Well I chased a girl last year and failed she got me back this year and I'm not going into detail but she hurt me pretty bad. I moved on and she is out of my life. I want to jump right back in the game but my pride is still bruised and I'm lonely and empty as expected so I know its not a good time. The thing is if I go a few months and I realize how being single is awesome and free I may take a break for 3 or 4 years like I did after my ex in HS. I'm in the stage now where I check every girl out and its not right to try things just to cover up pain.



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  • when you are ready and strong enought... you will deside that you want to make the next step and try get in a relationship with a girl you like.. I am sure that this time you will be more carefulll with your choices..

    • I was pretty much shattered so its tough to think about a relationship. I have been drinking with some friends and trying to move on but its tough cause I have Benn hurt twice and I can never totally trust again.

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  • You'll know that in yourself.

    • I hope its not a few years lol cause thats how long it took to get my self confidence back but it's gone right now.

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