Did I completley ruin my chances with this guy?

Well we never met in person or went on a real date, we texted each other everyday for 2 months and occasionally facetimed or skyped each other.

We were never really anything to begin with but their was definitely chemistry.

Anyways one night he didn't respond to an important text and i gave it a couple of days probably not enough but oh well, I freaked out and turned into an emotional nightmare.

You know that girl that constantly texts you constant paragraphs about her feelings and continues even when you don't reply... yes that girl. That was me, and then I made a video because "oh this is text he probably won't understand me it's different in person" so I basically made a video about how i was sorry for freaking out and basically asked him for a second chance. I know I WENT OVERBOARD, and then the cherry on the icing would be when I snap chatted him "Insert attractive non slutty selfie" saying : "you missed your chance to get with this" :/// and then another one saying : "don't be a jerk to the next girl and pull a houdini" .

Lets just say I WAS A NIGHTMARE, and now i realize it. However before this mess things were great, our conversations flowed, we told each other personal things and we developed a connection it was probably more to me and less to him but still their was something their.

Currently I am applying the no contact rule on myself because I KNOW i was an emotional mess, I need to pick myself up, focus on myself and make myself feel better, which I am currently doing, realizing past mistakes and fixing them for future relationships, with that being said I really did like this guy, is their a way to get him back or is it a lost cause?


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  • The no contact rule is a good rule But applied way too late. in my opinion its unfortunately a lost cause. You unfortunately came off a little bit (a lot) obsessive, and clingy. even if he did lead you on then disappears, your reaction was poor. This hopefully is a lesson learned for you and have better luck on the next one. next time a guy pulls something like this text a your loss and then silence.

    • Thanks for the MH. I hope everything is working out for you.

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  • Lol I would have thought the chick was crazy but I would still have been willing to go out with u until the selfie u sent then it went from awe she really likes me to what a bitch lol


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