If you want to get back together with an ex is it better to talk to them or not talk to them and hope one day they will want to work it out?

Me and my bf of 2 1/2 years have been broken up with for 2 months. He wanted to be friends ad tlk n etc even tho he dumped me. We saw eachother a week after we broke up, I found out he madeout wit a girl a couple days after break up but he was acting like we were still together and wanted to hang. Wen he texted me acouple days after I ignored him cuz was upset how he hooked up with someone else so soon and didn't want to get lead on. Should I have taken up his offer of hanging and talking I I want to get back together or no?


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  • Girl same boat. Was with my man for 3 years even tho I ended it he has a new girl. Keep moving. Be friends but not to close. Be to the point of being an aquientence. Right now I'm friends with my ex. Tbh I don't know what hurts more knowing he has moved on or if we didn't talk at all. My best bet is moving on. That's what I'm doing but try to be civil with my ex uk. We will never be friends but civil is better than arguing.


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