Does my crush like me?

I started talking to a guy a few days ago, he messaged me first. The first day was just normal messaging and he was being so lovely (like when I said bye he said "have a good sleep, goodnight) I thought that was really sweet naww :P the next day he started calling me bae and sending crap loads of winky faces and smilies and that kinda stuff. I like him, so ofcourse I was sending them back. Then the next time we talked he was sending kiss faces and hearts. One message he sent was like "oh you ;) ;*"
But then he called me man? Like, "hahaha awks man" My best friend told me it meant he only thought of me as a friend but then why would he have said aaallll of that stuff? His best friend who's one of my friends said he's not a player and doesn't use girls AT ALL, and I trust her cause she's one of the most honest, caring people I know... I'm so confused arrgghhh >.<


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  • come on sleepy head go on take more time with him date a lot get to know him better, take time to know what he likes and what he does not like take it slow so that you won't be disappointed.

  • No, he doesn't

    • how can you tell?

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    • ok, thanks heaps :)

    • welcome darling

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