Is it ok to add an ex on FB?

Is it ok to add an ex on FB if you ended on good terms? We haven't talked in over a year and I miss him and whatnot. He broke up with me right after saying he loved me, and he said it face-to-face and I said it back. I saw him a few months ago and we made eye contact for awhile too, but didn't talk.

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so its fine to?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, it is ok. But the timing seems kind of weird so you should probably have an excuse when you friend him... say something like, "my friend mentioned you the other day and I was wondering how you were doing so I wanted to catch up"

    • is that creepy to do?

    • I don't think so, I've done that sort of thing before XP

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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, as long as you try to keep your mind to reality, not expect things othet than re-opening a line of contact

    • I dont really expect anything to happen honestly. I assume he won't add me back but ya never know

  • Depends on the circumstances, some people can break up but still be good friends, in your case it doesn't seem like it was mutual so it might just make it harder on you. You probably don't want to see his future relationship pictures or anything.

    • He hasn't dated since, or so my friend has told me. He's in the military

    • If he starts dating again (which is inevitable) if seeing him with someone else is going to hurt you it might be best just to not be thinking about him. I'm not sure the circumstances of it, but if he still likes you seeing you with another person could hurt him. Is your goal in adding him to get friendly with him in an attempt to get back together with him?

    • Yea I know, I just know from a friend that he hasn't. But like I said we didn't break up because of a fight or anything. Never argued and were happy (not even kidding we like never fought it was weird) and like one night he said he loved me and the next he got all weird about it. I said it back and whatnot and I think he got scared cause tbh. I probably won't date for awhile anyways (college and whatnot and I have a lot of stuff I do with work now). And yea maybe. I wouldn't mind either that or just simply being friends. He was fun to be around lol.

  • Why wouldn't that be okay?


What Girls Said 2

  • It is okay. We'll probably see him around here, asking if it meant anything :P

  • Yes it's fine.

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