Is it important for him to know stuff about me if we're dating?

I've been dating this guy for a couple months, and I seem to know everything about him. I know his favorite books, color, bands, song, food, etc. but he has only asked me a question about myself once or twice. Like he never even has asked me what my middle name is... I feel like he doesn't know anything about me :/ Is that weird? Should I be worried? How come he doesn't ask questions back when I do?


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  • lack of interest?

    • Well, he texts me all the time... And tells me super sweet things 24/7.. I just think it's weird he doesn't ask me stuff about what I like and other things... Do you find that odd for a guy?

    • you just been texting? I usually ask all the stuff from the beginning of and later have problems with finding things to ask so I fool around and make fun.
      well I can't compare myself to other guys but..

      once a girl.. me: don't you wanna get to know me first?
      she: no.
      I was like ok? fuckbuddy. I think she wanted to tell me I am a fling

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  • How bout you just tell him stuff? Men don't tend to talk much... they talk even less with women. its just assumed women like to talk so... talk. He'll listen (if he cares)


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