I'm confused about whether or not he likes me, he's been acting a bit strange?

Please don't post anything if you’re going to be bitchy, I would really like a straight answer.

So, I met a gut just over a year ago at University and at the time I didn’t think he was my type. From the beginning I could tell he was a really nice guy. Lately we have gotten to know each other better and we began to have feelings for each other.

We have been on a couple of dates and at the last one (last night) he said he really liked me and he thought I was really caring and kind. But when he when he was driving me home he kept saying things like he’d biked for almost an hour to see another girl when he was at school and she was really mean to him because she had had a fight with her parents. I just felt like he was aiming it at me because it’s about an hour between our houses and I said I wanted to go home around midnight because my parents would be wondering where I was.

Then when we got to my house he kissed me and said he would see me the next day (which was today) however he texted me this morning and said he wasn’t coming into University (except to pick up his best friend) and he hoped I had a good day. I replied to him and said thank you and that he had a good day too. He never replied to me after that and didn’t actually say why he wasn’t coming in.

Should I just forget about him and move on or do something?

I thought it was strange that that he was picking his friend up from Uni because its like half an hour drive from his house to Uni and his best friend always catches the ferry home, I just wondered why he couldn't just pick him up from the dock.


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  • I would say to move on. It sounds like you really like him, and I don't know what to tell you about where he could've been or why he wasn't at the University, but it's probably better that you save yourself the hurt. I have been there recently and I feel like I'm about to experience it again, and I don't wish that feeling on anyone. If you can get out of the relationship before you get too hurt, it will be better. You will meet someone who is even better for you in the future, just don't get to the point I did. Because you will want to just shut down from the hurt


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