Should I ask out my little sibling's tutor?

a tutor has started to visit my place to help out my little brother. She comes 3 times a week and its been over a month now. Thing is the first time she came I didn't really think of anything. I found her pretty but without any other info I didn't really pursue any thought beyond that. I actually didn't talk to her at all for the first 3 weeks mainly becuase i was busy with work at home. But over the past week and a half I had the chance to do a few small chit chats with her and then I realized her personality is really amazing. But those were small several minute conversations. This past weekend however it was raining badly and the temp was frigid so on the Saturday when she came I offered her a ride back home otherwise she had to take the subway which is quite a walk from my place. Her place isn't that far but due to the rain it took a while to get there and in that time I had a decent amount of time to talk to her about a bunch of random things. It went rather well, I think we clicked with each other at least conversationally. She laughed at my jokes (and most of my jokes aren't that good). However Im not quite very skilled at telling whether a girl likes me or is just being friendly. Maybe its the same thing. But my wild guess is maybe she is interested. But since this is an unknown I dont know how I should proceed further or whether i even should. I dont wanna drive her away from the pressure especially considering she is doing a fine job at helping out my little brother. What do you all think?

... I guess this is a tough one. I Hope someone has abit of wisdom for me


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  • You could always try it, i mean the worst that could happen is her saying no.

    • I guess it is as simple as that isn't it? Thanks.

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