Howlong should I wait before asking her out for a second date?

So yesterday I had a date with this girl and we had a really good time, we watched a scary movie at my place. I picked her up with my car and I dropped her off at her own house afterwards. I asked if she had enough fun to go on another date with me and she said: "Sure I'll go on another date with you". She didn't really say like she was looking forward to it or anything but I'm probably looking to much in to this.

So when is a good time to ask her out again, I don't want to look clingy and be like: Oh we went out yesterday let's go out again in three days.. you know.


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  • well... you kinda did ask her out on a second date, and she's agreed to do so :) All you need to do is hammer out the details (ie when, where, what etc). Ask her whenever... just don't wait too long. Well maybe not the night of. Keep her interest. Don't go ignoring her.

    • Haha I won't, we talk everyday :) I'll ask her today when she wants to go on another date.

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    • Yeah we don't know eachother so well yet, but with my ex GF we already liked eachother before we went on our first date, so we knew what we could expect from eachother, it made it a lot easier haha.

    • yeah you really don't need to make things overwhelmingly romantic... sometimes that might scare her off. Just do what works... maybe add some spice to it so it doesn't get boring. don't need to overthink. ask her out when you want her. she's waiting for ya

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  • I've been asked the day after the first date, and I felt fine about it. In fact, I was really happy that he was willing to hang out with me again.

    • I asked her if she enjoyed it and wanted to go out with me again, she agreed but I haven't asked her when yet. I feel like if I ask now that I'm being so clingy and I'm afraid it will scare her away.

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    • Hm you think so? Because I can notice she is holding back her feelings, or she hasn't really decided yet if she likes me. She isn't as flirty as other girls I've dated are.

    • If she doesn't seem like she's sure about her feelings yet, you have to MAKE her be sure. As in, this is your chance to do everything you can to make her like you more.
      If you don't think asking her out right now is a good idea, you should get her a small gift (important note: nothing expensive at this point, or else she'll feel burdened). Just get her say... A necklace, and casually tell her, "I saw this at this store and I thought it would look great on you." -She'll love you for saying that ;)

      After you give her the gift, she'll POSSIBLY ask YOU out on a second date. If not, ask her.

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  • Six days from the moment you dropped her off.

    • Great, thanks :) is it like a general rule or why is the six days term?

    • Just a personal rule, I look at it like this: if she liked me she'll want to go out on the next weekend if she doesn't she'll prob say she's busy and suggest another day or leave it open ended which would mean to me that she isn't that into me. It helps me gage the interest level I guess.

    • Thanks for the help :)

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