How long does it take a man to fall in love?

If both partners are on the right track in a relationship...
How long does it take for the man to fall in love?

  • 3-5 Months
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  • 5-8 Months
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  • 8-12 Months
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  • More than a year...
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I can understand 5-8 months or more because that is typically how long it takes me to fall in "love" with someone... Too soon means perhaps confusion with lust or infatuation.


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  • In my case 4-6 months. Anything fast and there is trouble. Anything too slow and it might die off.


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  • i dont think we can put a time frame on this one

    but i think that most fall in love either too quickly or take ages. very few fall in love within that 'just right' range of time.

  • I heard it on here before that it was 8 seconds...

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