Who should initiate the exclusive talk? girls or guys?

I hear two voice.
most of people said if he not start the talk within 2 month it mean the relationship will never official. you will just his friends with benefits or f body.

some other though said guys don't like the title. too girly to ask will you be my girlfriend. so always should be the girl to ask and label down the relationship.

i seeing someone for couple month and by his acting i feel we are exclusive. but he did not say anything or ask for anything yet. he is kind of shy and slow invert person.
he already start leave his teeth brush at my place and wish to get a corner of my closet. not by the word by his acting i know we are in kind of relationship. but is that ok without the talk?
I do feel if i ask he will be ok to label down, anyway i feel no difference the way he treat me.
I don' t want to be the one who bring it up. sound pushy, stupid and desperate.
please let me know what you guys think

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  • girl should bring it up
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  • Both. They should be in it together, and support eachother. It provides a mental boost since you got eachother's back, plus it shows the world that you two are working together.


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