Does he like me or am I getting played?

So I've been talking to this guy for a couple of months now and we call each other baby and he calls me like babe , hunny , darling , like i don't know if he likes me cause he says all this cute shit but like i know he probably says it to heaps of people. We talked on the phone for like 4 hours straight and he always drops hints of us together but then like stops and then changes the whole subject. like its confusing me and i don't want to get attached cause i don't know who else they're "just talking to". And he doesn't even try talk sexual to me well sometimes he drops hints but yeah. there's like heaps of other shit he does and its confusing me so much. like does it want a "us" cause i don't want to invest my time in him when he's just a player


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  • feel him out more, let him initiate the relationship and run it. I hate to say this but don't fall for him too easily. Let him prove it to you with the above actions u listed. If he continues to do this he will eventually ask u out, if he doesn't then he may do this to others but he likes u guaranteed. I wouldn't be on the phone with anybody for 4 damn hours


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  • When you sitt there talking for hours does he do this with other girls and if a lot of other girls think he is hot and if he has asked out a lot of people he is probably a player but if you are hanging out with him and he stars at you a lot and is smiling at you he likes you


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