Girls: Can you date a guy your don't find physically attractive?

I've heard that many girls can. I hope that this is not true. It doesn't need to be her main interest in me but top 5 at least. I'd feel so inadequate if this is true. Why get into a romantic relationship then?

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  • I know it seems shallow, but I can't. I only get interested in getting to know him, if I find him physically attractive.


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  • i mean i feel like the relationship can only last so long without physical attraction. i think that its important, it doesn't need to be like the whole entire appearance... even just one thing about a guy that a girl finds attractive will be helpful in the long run. personality and kindness can only go so far, physical attraction will make for better chemistry in my opinion lol

    • Girls are something else lol. You could easily keep tht guy as a friend. Intimacy without physical attraction seems so odd

    • This makes me miss the last guy i was datingggggg... He was a bit pudgy, but if he took care of his health and didn't drink by the barrel and eat crap by the truckload and spend weekends watching TV he'd have girls ambushing him and I wound't have a chance, and he's got the best dick and knows how to use ittttttt... I feel miserable now.

      I could NEVER date a guy I didn't find attractive. I once dated a guy i didn't find attractive that my friends thought was attractive and I hated it. That was my first boyfriend. Never again.

  • No, I can't.. but some can.

  • No, I couldn't. I date people who I have physical and mental attraction to. I need both.

  • when it turns to love.. i don't look in their physical attraction
    i look on their attitudes. if they are sweet and a joker.
    what's the point of having a good looks if they don't get serious in the relationship

    • It is not about good looks as opposed to attractive looks. How do you want to get intimate with someone you don't find physically attractive

  • No I cannot

  • Absolutely not. Love is not a settling thing. Its I like all of him or I don't bother

  • I have gone out with guys noticably less attractive than myself.

    It kind of starts as a friendship, then you feel connected on a mental level (jokes you find funny, shared views, facts you find interesting). Before you know it they are the only person you want to spend time with. It does hurt a little sometimes when you bring it up with girlfriends and they are like: "ewwww! he's so ugly/short/fat/creepy! not that guy!".

    For me its less difficult than dating a hot guy with no ambition and rocks for brains. I guess being on the same wavelength is more important to me.

    As for the intimacy question, well, they may not look good but when you've really connected with someone you just close your eyes and they feel absolutely amazing..

    • So do you fantasise about someone else? How does it work exactly because physically it is still they same guy you aren't attracted to. Getting intimate is a mental and physical thing. Can the mental really make the physical that less important?

    • Attraction can be a number of things about a guy. There are physical attractors that are beyond simply what you see. In the past I have found these culprits with regards to the not-traditionally-attractive guys:
      -the way he speaks (his voice as well as the words he chooses to use)
      -the way he moves (from his strut, to his dancing... displaying physical skill)
      -how caring and tender he is (being genuinely interested and caring about myself and my interests)
      -his touch. This is how frim/gentle he is when he holds your hand, how soft/rough his skin is, how warm is his embrace.

      His smell, his taste, his gaze, how his arms fold perfectly around you... I could go on. It really fogs your inner critic.

      When you are romantically open to someone truly fond of you, it shows in every aspect of their approach, and that is irresistible.

  • Honesty yes I can and I have and the relationship lasted for 4 years he wasn't my type that I find attractive but I thought if he was a good guy and I can fall for who he is and I did he then was so attract to me. And it happen there guys rhat show interest and im not attracted to them but doesn't mean who they are as a person isn't attractive to me. Im sure males mah feel the same. But it not all people some won't do that unless they fond them attractive

    • Sorry misspelled.

    • How was the relationship different to a friendship? How would you feel when you got intimate?

    • Well that relationship wouldn't be a good example. It was just a horrlibe relationship. But I did fall for him well what I thought was him. Lol
      When we did get intimite he was my 1st so it meant a lot to me plus sure it wasn't always good but I didn't let that bother me.

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