Should I message a Tinder Match on Facebook? A little too creepy, Yes or No?

So here is my question ladies. I'm sure you all have heard about Tinder. Well about 2 weeks ago I was using the Tinder app and I end up getting a match. My match and I end up having a great conversation via Tinder, we had a lot of similarities to the point where I'm absolutely positive we even work for the same giant company in our city but just at different locations from each other. We just never actually said who we worked for, I'm guessing just to play it safe, but I'm sure we both knew we work for the same company. Well the next day I get on Tinder so I can send her a quick hello, and her profile was gone! Noooo! lol. I then got bummed out a bit because we were having such great chats. Anyways I go on with my days and accepted the fact that she was gone from Tinder and I will most likely not ever have the opportunity to chat with her again. It was cool. So who do I run across on my Facebook "People You May Know" section? (You know the section where FB suggest friends for you) I run into her profile! Same picture from her main Tinder picture. I click on her profile and just as sure I was that we worked for the same company, we sure do! So I kind of go into a bit of creeper mode (Yes I know, lame) to make sure this is her from what I remember on her Tinder profile. Sure enough, it's her. Not only does she work for the same company as me, but she is also mutual FB friends with a couple of lounge/club promoters in our city. I'm guessing this is how she happened to show up on my "People You May Know" list from FB. So finally my main question! Is it totally creeperish to request her on FB and send her a casual FB message after our Tinder chats? If it is. Then I will not send the message or request to friend her. But if you think it's okay. Well what's a good way to message her and not come off as this guy that she may think stalked her on FB? Now remember I didn't look for her on FB, somehow she showed up on my FB. But it's either now or never. Please advise.


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  • hmmmm I think that may be a sign to go ahead and ask her. Just that you were on fb and happen to see that she was listed in suggested friends. But who knows, may be there was a reasoning to why she deleted her tinder. I say go for it... what is the worst than can happen.


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