How do I try to form a relationship with this guy? The situation is kind of awkward, I could really use some advice please!!?

So I am a freshman and at my college we have these people called SOCS ( Student Orientation Counselor) who are seniors and who are in our First Year Experience classes and help the professor ( but they're not really like TA's). Anyway, my SOC is a guy and I have a crush on him. He's also in the same campus religious group as me and is the leader, so I used that as an excuse to meet up with him and talk to him one time. We talked for awhile, and started talking about a lot of other things besides CRU ( the religious group). A few days later I texted him and said he was a really nice guy and I would like to get to know him better. He was okay with that so we met up again to talk today. We were both busy so couldn't talk for long, but at the end I asked him if he wanted to have lunch with me sometime. He said he would let me know on Thursday. The thing is, I'm afraid he doesn't like me and is just doing his job to make sure school is going good for me. :( How can I keep trying to meet with him without coming off as needy or creepy? Am I trying to move things along too fast? Please help, advice would be appreciated!! :)


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  • Have lunch and see develops. Tell him you would like to date and see what he says. You can write him a note as well, if your shy.


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