Please help! Is he interested in me?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 weeks, and we've hit it off greatly. He is always wanting to see me and he texts me every day. I couldn't help but fall for him and I told him I'm beginning to like him. He exclaimed that I'm awesome and that we have a lot in common and I'm cute but he knows he isn't looking for something serious right now. after he said that, he ends up texting me more frequently and been on several dates after. We ended up sleeping with each other (he asked and he knows I never do this right away especially with someone who isn't my boyfriend - he's the fourth person I have ever slept with and he knows that). We always bring up jokes about us liking each other but he seems a little hesitant when speaking about it and I only met his roommate once when I was leaving their place (we were just hanging out lol). In front of his roommate, he bent down for a kiss on the cheek instead on the lips. He shows the signs of wanting to be with me but there's also some signs that he may not want one. We always end up talking about our families, lives etc to get to know one another. We have a great time together and he always likes to check in with me and apologizes if he can't talk to me when he's at work because it's busy there.


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  • Well if this keeps up, I doubt ull become exclusive with him, u may end up just being a fun thing to him.

    U two already sound like u have a relationship, main reason why I suggest people to limit sexual encounters during "dating" is because if he gets enough of it and when ever he wants it. The relationship part may feel pointless
    Let him chase u a little, ure being way too available for him.

    Remember it should be us guys who should feel lucky and grateful to have opportunities with girls

    • How do I make him chase me? I know I don't ask him to check in with me at all, it's like he wants too. Also he isn't a phone person but he ends up texting me all the time. I was thinking I'm a little too available. I know there were times though he'd ask to see me and I'd tell him well I can't because I have dance practice or something else going on, or have the dates work around my schedule.

      Thank you for your advice though it helped!

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  • Yes I think he is interested in you. I think you're overthinking it. Just because he isn't interested in something serious doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for you. He may want to be exclusive with you, just don't put the title because the title can worry men causing stress. You're in the clear! Go get him.