Should he be the one to text or call me or should I? Need help!?

So I like this guy he is 29 and I'm 23 we have been on 3 dates and known each other for three weeks. He has been the one initiating the calls and texts. we usually keep in contact every day just about. Except on the weekends he will never text or call me. He likes to go out to clubs with all his friends. This past week he called or text me about every night except this past friday I text him when he was at work but he never text me back until like 7 hours later and said he didn't know I text him. Then I called him an hour later just to see what he is doing but he never answered. He called me back like 15 min later but he only talked for a few min I was with my best friend whom he knows because she is the one that set us up but he said I'm gonna let you go. I haven't heard from him since. Should I wait for him to call or text me? He said he doesn't like clingy or needy girls. If he doesn't contact me by monday should I send him a text? If I don't text or call will he ever contact me? I like him but it doesn't seem like he is that into me?


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  • You should call him in this case.


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