Why does he do this if he doesn't like me?

So I have a really good friend, we joke with each other all the time. Sometimes he jokes about us dating it confuses me because he acts like he likes me but when people ask him he says only as a friend? Here are some examples
Girl Friend: Are you guys flirting up there?
( we were messing around in our theatre class )
Guy Friend: yeah she the bae (he puts his arm around me)

Before homecoming our friend asked who he was going to homecoming with. He pointed at me. She asked if he was joking and he said no with a straight face.

Today he was in the snack line at lunch with his friends. I walked by and he called my name. He walked me to buy him something and I said no because I had no Money. He hugged me and acted like he was about to kiss my cheek and he said "pleeeaassseee" I said no again and jokingly pushed him off and he laughed and I walked away.

He doesn't act like this with other girls as far as I know. So why does he flirt so much with me if he apparently doesn't like me like that?

We've been friends for about a year and a half


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  • Hey there! so as far as i know when a guy acts the way your friend acts towards you, it means he's really into you... but of course he won't tell, since he isn't sure if you like him back!
    and if he only acts like that with you and not to other girls, u might be his dream girl!
    i say you should try to make a move or something :)

  • How long have you guys known each other? How long have y'all been friends?

    • About a year and a half

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    • Wait do you like him? Is he your crush?

    • I like him a little bit but I have a HUGE crush on someone else

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