Why hasn't he broke up with his girlfriend?

me and brian met a few months ago and we get along so great. he's honestly one of my best friends & recently we told each other we like each other. he has a girlfriend who is honestly really weird and 2 years younger. me and him spent the night together but we didn't do anything (he tried cuddling). he's honestly a great guy even though he's kind of cheating on his girlfriend. we talk all the time & he begs to hang out all the time. i've told him before we gotta stop talking because he has a girlfriend and he gets really upset every time but its just so hard not to talk to him when he texts me all the time. why won't he break up with her? he's made it really obvious that he likes me more i'm just so confused. i would do anything to be with him so just tell me what to do. should i cut him off completely or?


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  • He doesn't like you more, or he'd be with you, and not her.
    He's trying his luck, and he's already half way there, that's why you still think he's a great guy.

    • but when i try ending things with him he continues to talk to me. should i just stop replying to his texts?

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    • He probably just continues because he thinks you aren't serious about ending things. Some guys just don't stop trying, if they're single or taken. Some guys continue trying until they can't ignore the "fuck off" hints anymore.

      I can't exactly tell you, because some girls don't mind being a side chick, but if you don't want to be that girl I think you should stop responding. If you don't mind being the other girl, you may aswel continue to reply to him. I wouldn't advise that though, just because I believe in karma lol. But if you do go ahead and be his other girl, just be extremely careful not to catch feelings.

    • This right here. Couldn't have said it better

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