The Guy my friend likes, likes me?

My friend O has like these guy since our freshman year. She always talked about how attractive he was whenever she saw him in the hallways. I didn't know who he was until last year. This year she had a class with him and would get really excited whenever he talked to her. She saw it as flirting but he only talked to her when he needed help on the classwork. She would tell me almost everyday how he would flirt like this. I followed him on Twitter recently and he messaged me. He asked for my number and I gave it to him thinking it would lead to nothing serious Turns out he really likes me. I went to the movies with him and everything felt so normal like we were friends since forever. I don't know what to do about it. He has a reputation for being a really nice guy. Should I go for it? Should my friend have the right to forbid me from talking to him?

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I told my friend about it and she basically is really mad at me but has admitted that she's more upset that he likes me not her. I told the guy about my friend liking him and he is being so understanding about it.


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  • I would talk to your friend about it and see how she responds. Just let her know that he has admitted to you that he likes you and you feel the same way, but if it would come between your friendship with her then you won't pursue anything with him. Guys come and go, but good friends are forever...


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  • If i were you id talk to ur friend before u get with him cause u dont want to end a friendship because some guy likes you. If i where u id talk to here before u date him.

  • Be ready to make a choice between the two him or your friend.


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  • friendship is so much more important that a boy that is going to be nobody to you in a few years. Don't date him, imagine how you would feel about it? If you do I wouldn't call you a friends tbh

    • to be fair the friend is delusional thinking that asking for help in class is flirting

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    • who says societal norms? live and let live

    • exactly girl code is everything, especially in your teenage years and you don't want to lose a friend over a silly boy

  • Dating this guy could really ruin your friendship. Friendship is way more important than a date. 95% of relationships don't last in high school. in my opinion it's not worth it.

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