Anyone else ever felt this way? or am I just weird?

i'm dating a guy i really like and his image is always on my mind and usually i cry when i remember the way he looks, the look in his eyes, his face, like everything about him just makes me cry when i remember. Did you ever feel it too and why does this happen? it's like i can't imagine him ever hurting or being sad and if he is, it comes to my mind and i cry. Is this weird or normal? I know it's because I probably care & like a lot but what else

it kinda feels like i'm being obsessive & paranoid about his wellbeing & safety so that's why it doesn't feel normal & I wanna stop but dont know how


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  • Sometimes people gets obsessed with their partner. My girl used to be on the extreme case where she would suddenly come to my house saying she missed me and cry a lot and im like totally confused, 'wtf, we went out yesterday. stap crying, you scaring me.'
    Seeked help and apparently just thinking about happy times with me made her happy as well. Now she's not as obsessive but it still happens sometimes. (shes a lot better now)
    Dont think too much about him being hurt or sad, because you will be sad, and you being sad may make him be sad too and the cycle continues, LOL.
    You can try the 'thinking bout happy stuff'. It may help, who knows. Maybe try to hang out with him more often, may clear your head once you see him. All the best! (:

  • What kind of relationship do you have to the person, you are talking about?

    • been dating close to 3 months, seeing each other every week, talking almost everyday, very close, kissing a lot, intimate kinda way

    • I think it's kind of normal to feel that way but not to such an extend. You question yourself about being weird, which is a good indicator for an exaggerated behaviour. I mean it is good to be able to have such strong feelings but you might want to try and be more relaxed about him.

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