EMERGENCY.. what kind of present should I get him for his b-day? (just met him 2 wks ago)?

tomorrow is the birthday of this guy i met in school two weeks ago. However i had noticed him (he was cute), then because we have mutual friends we started hanging out together and i am pretty sure he is interested in me, last week he left me chocolate with a really sweet note... And i am going crazy thinking what to give him

  • just a hug
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  • nothing at all
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  • letter (what should it say?)
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  • Nothing, or a card. Anything else is overkill and you will be the crazy stalker girl at your high school (still remember the one from mine to this day, and tell the stories all the time.)


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  • blowjob it never fails


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  • not the option 'c'. do not give a letter. the best form of showing affection is expressing it closely. though a little note or a line is different.

    as for what you have to give him, you have to choose it. it can be anything but only not something expensive but something that shows more passion in all simplicity. you are a teenager so your love is very associated with a playful passion. give him something that is teasing, maybe fun, something that makes him happy at the moment. it shouldn't be something great or last longing. something that makes you both laugh, excited, a moment that remains in your minds.

    plus give him a hug at the end of it too.

  • just give him a kiss say I didn't get you anything not sure what you like but then lean in to kiss him and say thought you would like that better. Just a sweet innocent soft kiss

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