Is he interested or am I a diversion? Confusing signals?

We met through business months ago, and two months ago he became much more friendly, etc. I knew he was checking my status when he first asked about my husband and then asked boyfriend. Fast forward, asked me in a roundabout way to dinner, but I declined. Then we would talk once per week and he would show up once per week.

this has been going on for nearly 2 months. We went to lunch twice and things were progressing... call more often, conversations getting more flirtatious. But it was moving slowly. I decided to strike while the iron was hot and invited him to a movie. He said he really busy with work. Red flags.

The past couple of weeks, he has been calling me much more often and telling me to call him. Back on track. Well, I decided it is still not going quite right, so I decided to come out and ask him if he is with somebody.

He said "no, it's not a relationship, but she is my ex girlfriend and we are still friends and see each other occasionally but I know it will never work out. she is bipolar and it's bad. But she is a really good friend and I dont' want to lose that." Oddly, I recently came out of a 7year relationship where I believe he was bipolar.

He said he likes me, finds me attractive, likes to talk with me, etc. And the calls have become much more frequent as as has the innuendo.

I wanted him to be honest with me. And I found that out which he would have never volunteered. What was he doing? Was he watching and waiting? Was I just a diversion? Was he confused? What the heck was I? And he also asked how I felt about him

As the conversation became a little solemn and it was time to hang up he quietly asked "would you rather have me not call you anymore?" I said it was ok to call. So, what has been going on the past two months? His interest was so obvious but I knew something wasn't quite right since things were moving so slowly at first but just recently picked up. It was the movie invite that tipped me off.


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  • You seem to provide a distraction for him. He is clearly not available. But he is willing to drag this out as long as he can keep you on the hook. So don't waste you time with him anymore.
    Kudos to you for being assertive and find out about his status.

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