Date Night Tomorrow (For The First Time In 5 Years). Any Tips?

I'm 23 years old, and the last date I was one was when I was 18... with a girl who is now doing playboy XD. Anyway... I'm really shy. So much so, that I have never even kissed a girl yet! I have a date tomorrow. Picking the girl up, taking her to a beautiful and busy venue. We will go to the movies, get something to eat and then go for a walk and talk for a bit, then I am taking her back to her place and leaving.

-What kinds of things should I talk about?

-I'm picking her up and taking her home. What kinds of things should I talk about in the car?

How do I avoid awkwardness and quiet situations?

Should I instantly offer to pay for everything? Or Should I wait and see what she does?

And... does she like me? I've only met her once... but she trusts me enough to pick her up at her apartment, take her home and we text every so often (well, I initiate).. but still. Lol.

Lol... Guess it is true... this site is slowly dying XD.


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  • Lol she likes you. Don't be silly. Be a gentleman and offer to pay. She will like that.

    Just be sweet and just talk to her. Just hold a conversation. If you overdo it and talk a lot and just babble that's annoying too. So silence isn't bad.

    Do something cute like hold her hand and give her a sweet hug at the end of the night when you drop her off. You can kiss her if she gives signals for it like looking at your lips a lot or holding eye contact at the end of the night.

    No pressure to kiss on the first date. If it does go well I would kiss her cheek though:)

    • Lol. This post was a little too late -_-. I'm really not sure how I did on the date. While we had a lot of silent moments on the date, we also talked a lot. I had everything planned out. We ate at the Barnes & Noble Cafe. We saw a movie. Finally... we took a 15 minute walk around the park (all of this was in the same location). Then I drove her home.

      Unfortunately, I have a hard time touching women -_-. I want to take her hand as we were walking, but I didn't know if it was a good time. I wanted to put my arm around her when we were at the movies... but I didn't think it was a good time. Finally... at the end of the date, when I drove her home, she was in a hurry to get inside. I sounded like a moron and said, "we should do this again one day... I mean soon... I mean later." Lol. Then I asked for a hug goodbye. She kinda giggled slightly, gave me a short hug and left.

    • My goal with the date was to show her that I have resources (dressed nice, pulled up in a nice car, paid for everything, had discount cards... lol).

      I also wanted to show her I was a gentlemen. I was polite to everyone cashiers and made small conversations with them and thanks them for their service, held doors for her, brought our food to the table.

      -And that I was confident... by having a plan, following through with the plan, taking charge and leading the way.

      Should I ask her on a second date? I'm obviously going to have to initiate the conversation with her... and when should I ask? My plan is to go to a roller skating rink, where we will do more physical activity and touch more.

    • Duh! Ask her out again! :)

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  • Wow. Good luck. I dread getting back into the dating scene. I wouldn't even know how to date. I was with my ex since we were 16. We split up a few years ago. I have talked to several guys, but I couldn't get past my fear of actually dating. I kept one foot out the door with each one. I was burned badly and don't want to go through it again. I'm finally at the point where I am okay with being single. If a guy comes along and it happens then great. If not, I am fine with that too.


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  • just relax and go with the flow

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