I messed up and don't know what to do. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

To make it short. Everything was going well but I text and told him that i don't think I was making him happy. He doesn't know that I know he goes on a dating site to chat with other women. I told him that i feel like I'm making him feel pressured or fear. Now I haven't heard ftom him. He is ignoring my text and calls. What can I do? Another reason I said that is because I can feel tension and he told me that he wants a relationship one day he just not where he want to be. I told him im not going anywhere but I keep feeling like he's not happy even though he still shows me attention. Seeing him on that dating site bothers me and he doesn't know that I know. I want him back


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  • Don't bother trying to fix anything. you have not done anything wrong. Did you meet him from the same dating website? I think you might have come across too anxious and that could have him freaked out. It is hard to advise since I am not sure even you are in an exclusive relationship with him or you guys are just dating.

    • It started to get real serious. I met his family a little after 30 days. We both decided to slow down bc we have also been spending too much time together. I think his feelings was strong and he didn't believe in relationship until he met me. We have been dating for 3 months. Things started taking a toll after we decided to slow down and then he started saying that he didn't think I felt the same. I proved him wrong and things were back to normal until I text him that. I did it bc I saw him on that site after I told him that. He seemed okay when I saw him but to see him on that site after... makes me question things. We met on another dating site

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