Trying online dating.. What am I doing wrong?

Every 5 mins of everyday i check my online dating profiles and i dont get one view... what am I doing wrong?


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  • 1. You're chubby. Lose the fat. It'll be worth it.
    2. Online dating sucks in general. Instead of meeting people and body language and chemistry, it's a picture in a catalog.
    3. There's a million other faces to click, if you don't like the person. Too many options.
    4. Women get TONS of messages online, so if you message a girl, you're trying to stand out in some stupid little email type thing among 20 other messages she got that day.
    5. In short, get in shape, then go out and work on meeting women in person.

    • there's no need for name calling I didn't insult you in any way

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    • yeah but that's her liking you for something superficial

    • This is the best answer here IMO. Blunt and honest. If you're not getting matches it only because of your looks. And a rating given on this website is biased because everyone tries to be nice. But if you want to hold that 8 with pride then go ahead.

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  • Make sure your photos are flattering and interesting, and make sure your bio is a reasonable length (not two sentences, and not an essay). A little proofreading can go a long way, so check for proper grammar and spelling. The content of your bio shouldn't be overly formal, or you might come across as stiff. If you message a woman, mention something from her profile so she knows you actually read it, and you're probably better off not trying any pick-up lines.

    I don't know what you specifically do on your dating site, so those are just a few random things I think a lot of people on dating sites could improve on.

    • *"content" should be "tone" instead. I switched sentences while writing and forgot to fix it, haha. But speaking of content, try to put in some things which might set you apart. Dreams, ambitions, interesting hobbies, personality quirks, etc.

  • Maybe you're on the wrong site because my dad is doing it and he gets a lot of ladies and he is like 52

    • I'm only 36 I'm not going on 50 year old dating sites

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    • still 14 years is too much

    • NO!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • Try and spice up your profiloe to draw in the ladies

    • I did that.. it has to be my looks

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    • No man the Ladies love him RIP though about him

    • Yeah cuz he was a mob boss with money not cuz they liked him for the person

  • Just lose weight, if you dont have an attractive face there is nothing you can do about it, but you can always change your body and ladies do not turn down a six pack.

    • I have gotten good ratings from women on here based on my face and there are a lot of heavy guys a good girlfriend so it has nothing to do with the six pack

    • Good ratings based on what? On what people on the internet say go ahead. Use tinder or something and find how many matches you get since its based on how you look. An 8 would get over 100 in a month, and an 8 would get quite a few messages back form women.

  • Dude to be honest, most women on dating sites only want to talk to good looking guys. You are not ugly though.

    • Fyi I've been engaged to 2 beautiful women. my ex fiance met me online and I lost my virginity because of online dating and seriously you're going to talk to me about looks

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    • women have said I'm an eight so

    • Oh, I don't know what the problem is.

  • You have to lie, alot.
    Oh and find a picture of a hot guy on google and set it as your profile picture.

    • Thats mean

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    • @Opinionowner doesn't exist haha,@thatswhathesaid is what i think you meant...

    • Same thing

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