We got back together and now this is awkward and weird?

We recently broke up 2 days ago about him not having enough time to juggle everything in his life, college, frat, and a gf and we would apparently argue a lot... but he still had feelings for me and his frat guys got into this so it was awkward for a while... now we are back together after 2 days bc we finally talked it out... but it's weird... Like we now have "rules" like:

1.) we can't be "that couple" so we have 2 tell people we are cool and just friends, but when we see each other we are couple like. Wants to wait a while before it's exclusive again.
2.) Can't hang out as often (bc we would want to every night till like 2 am) so we won't be hanging out a lot since he wants 2 spend time with his brothers and homework.
3.) can't go past his boundaries (Physical stuff... All I would do is sit in his lap and we would make out... he'd get scared since he's in the moment he would go past 2nd base) so he said we can't go as far like sitting on his lap.

But you get the idea and now i'm scared we will NEVER hang out and I won't tell if he likes me anymore or I don't know i'm just hurt by this even though I should be happy we got back... Would a guy that likes me do this... it was between this and a break but he chose this


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  • Dump him like a sack of moldy potatoes.

    OK, he has a right to schoolwork time and all. No one can argue that. But anyone that complains when his girl sits in his lap and loves him is either a queer or some religious nut. If he is not a queer and has another girl he is lying to you and is untrustworthy. Either way, no use beating a dead dick.

    Get someone that is proud to show you off and does not have to be embarrassed and make excuses for being with you. Get someone that does not need a page long checklist of bullshit rules. Get someone that only lives by one rule... that being... how soon can we get together again so I can love you s'more. Get someone that treasures you.


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  • Girl, this guy does NOT know what he wants, And OMS What shit rules... No sitting on his lap? can't be an official couple.. if u can't be official then why be a couple?