Online dating seems like a waste of time. Should I try different avenues to meet similar people? See the thing is I am shy and its hard?

I am shy and its hard to meet people I mean like I can meet people during the day time but I just don't connect with any of them on any level. It's basically day in day out small talk nothing more. How do you meet people that are similar? I have a lot of interests but I am not as independent as I would like so often I don't go out at all and probably seem boring. I am not boring however I have travelled to over 10 countries and volunteered over 250 hours. I just need someone to give me a chance I know i'm worth it. I'm tired of waiting.

Just to clarify I live in a town of 4000 people and I work 8am-4pm On-call 24/7 and I am not big on partying. I used to be big on partying not anymore. Not religious either although I have thought of going just to meet nice girls.


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  • I totally get your frustration, I am a pretty shy person as well. I have used online dating stuff before and it can be a bit of a mixed bag. If your persistent with it you will definitely manage to get a date at some point; however, I have to stress don't charge into relationship status with the first girl you start dating. Make sure to give her an appropriate amount of space, and hopefully she will reciprocate that.

    Some tips with online dating, the girls will get a ton of messages... so you need to make yours looks unique in someway. (don't drop a line or say something like "Your Hawt" ... great way to go no where) I am guessing you are probably going to be looking to get to know someone and weigh if they can make a good person to be in a relationship with, so try opening with a question about them. If they don't respond its okay to feel bummed, but get use to it and always remember there are more fish in the sea. Lastly, if she watches Dr. Who... hold onto her and never let her go. :P


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  • You don't sound boring at all - quite admirable, actually. You just need to worry about pleasing those who are actually compatible. If they think you're boring, chances are you think their interests are equally boring.

    Online dating does seem a bit more difficult in the sense that people over analyze, and may be a bit more picky because there's more options. More guys have the courage to say hello over the internet than in real life.

  • Online dating isn't thaaaat bad but it depends on which ones you use. But you have to meet people before you can connect with them, bars, and like work environments and your school would be a good place to start.

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