Time sensitive: does he really want to know?

Dating very casually for 9 months the casual was my decision but we are both real busy anyway just found out almost 5 weeks PREGNANT left up to me would not go through with it but have always felt STRONGLY a man has a right to know and be part of the decision making process whatever his thoughts the question is;DOES HE WANT TO KNOW?

please read the original post and take the time to answer Im MEETING HIM SUNDAY!


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  • This is a tough one but in my opinion yes its your body to do as you please but the genetic material used to create this new life belongs to you Both. He should know. But ultimately its your decision. Wish you the best.

    • i know it is a touchy and a bit controversial question... but what I really want to know is what would YOU want

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    • if it was me none of that would matter. as far as age and state of relationship. But then again I couldn't say how HE would react. It wouldn't wreck me it might or might not him. It's reslly a toss up dear.

    • thanks a lot I just don't want to ruin someone's life

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  • Okay first thing first, you need to take a deep breath and calm down. Realize that this is happening, but it doesn't mean it is the end of the world.

    Now you need to understand that at some point you are going to have to tell him you are pregnant as soon as possible. I was in a situation similar to yours and the person I was seeing didn't tell me right away. It was a very bad move on her part because I started feeling like we were drifting apart and wanted to break up at the time, yet I still hadn't known about the pregnancy at this point! However, when she dropped that bomb shell was when I tried breaking up... things changed and lots of drama happened. Eventually, things worked out and she got an abortion because having a child conflicted with her college career but our relationship was unsalvageable.

    He needs to know and hopefully he will make the right choice to support you with whatever decision you make. I want to point out that ultimately you are the one pregnant and it is your body, so ultimately the choice comes down to what you want to do. Yet, you still need to tell him, he definitely has a right to know and a right to be apart of whatever choice you make. Don't put this off! It may seem dreadful, but it might not be as bad of a conversation as you are expecting!

  • Honestly, No, I doubt he wants to hear something like that. Too bad its something you have to tell him, especially in these early stages. it is waay better than when your body begins to change and he has to notice it then. there's really no soft way of saying it, so i suggest you just insert it somewhere in the beginning of your conversation when you meet him. And I hope you haven't already used the line "we need to talk" yet. that will not help at all.


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