Is she interested in me? No dating experience. Need help please. 22/M?

So there's this girl I really like. She is also the first girl I've had feelings for in 5 years, so I'm not good at figuring out if a girl likes me. I've really started to like this girl who I work with at this restaurant we work at. I've tried showing it by conversation, I like to tell her jokes and tease her. She seems to reciprocate.

1. For example, when we are making food in the restaurant, I can tend to space out a lot and make mistakes or silly errors. A lot of times she will smile and tease me about it and call me names when I do so. She'll also smile and over exaggerate my mistake. I'm the only one she teases.
2. There's been multiple times when she has playfully pushed me out of her way when we are making food and she has to get to a certain item
3. There's been multiple times when she has been talking to me and will touch my back, or shoulder when talking to me
4. She has a couple of nick names that she calls me
5. A lot of times at work she will initiate conversation first with me and will say hi when I come into work, but won't way hi to anyone else coming in a the same time
6. There's been multiple times when I have been talking with other employees and not to her, then in the middle of our conversation she will jump in and say something about what I just said
7. She will occasionally make sexual jokes to me. She also asked me If I was a virgin and have had sex.
8. Other employees have recognized that I like her and they will make sexual jokes about us. When whey do, she doesn't seem at all uncomfortable about it and when she does she will laugh and smile
9. Two other employees told me she likes me
10. She hits me and punches me when I joke with her
11. A few times I came into work to order food and she was busy but dropped what she was doing and talked to me
12. Many of my jokes have made her laugh to where she can't breath
13. W/O my knowledge my manager text her if she would on a date with me If I covered her shift, she said yes.

Anyway I'd really like to ask this girl out. She's just so amazing in every way and has a really amazing personality. I'm just not 100% sure if its all friendly or flirting. If anyone has any help or advice I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :)


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  • i say your chances are very good. go for it!!


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