Should I date this drifter/ traveler guy? I miss him and wanna spend time with him?

I'm wondering whether to give this guy a chance or just be friends with him. There is this nomad guy that asked me to see him, we talk almost everyday online, but he has only asked to come hang out with me once when I was with some people and came to see me another time at my mothers when I wasn't there. I'm being insecure that he has tried to see me twice in the last 3 weeks. I don't understand why he won't invite me to do something with him, even if it's just for a coffee, etc. Is this a bad sign he doesn't like me romantically? should I tell him how I feel? will it sound too needy and clingy if I do. Any advice and insights on this people? thanks soo much.
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  • You should always go for drifters. Being a drifter is even sexier than being a vampire, right?

  • Nomad, huh? Sounds like a bum looking for some easy pussy and a place to crash.

    • he never eats my pussy and stay at my place... lol

    • @CommieKiller

      You never been a nomad before? It's like, the definition of freedom.

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