Should I be more pushy?

So I have been wanting to get to know a girl I take a few classes wih and arund 2 months ago I was at a party with her and a few more friends. before the party she had invited me to her house because she was going to eat something before going and during the whole night I think I saw signs of her being more interested in me, but I could be wrong. After the party me and her took the train back to the town we live in and because we were the only one who took the train from that party I tried to keep an conversation going while thinking of a good way of asking her out for prom. I was extremly nervous and did not even know if I could do it.
When we arived at the station and were about to go our separate ways I pushed myself into asking her to prom. To my surprise she said yes and even gave me a hug while smiling. and oh dear god I must sound like the biggest virgin every when I say this, but that was actually my first hug ever from a girl around my age and I have never experienced such happines in my whole life.
So anyway I felt like I was in heaven for the rest of that night and the morning there after, but here's where things change. The morning after she gave me a message over Facebook telling me how fun the party had been and all about that, but after that she started telling me about how she might have been a bit to drunk last night and would now like to put my offer on hold becasue she had allready been thinking about going with someone else, she hadn't actually asked that person yet, but was going to.
Never able to put my own will before others I told her it was okay.

So here I am 2 months later, aching for an answer if I will be able to have the best prom I could have or if I'll be going alone.

So as the title say, my question is simply, should I be more pushy and ask her for a more clear answer or let her tell me when she feels like it?

I'm sorry for the long post, but I am going crazy over this and I hope I could get some help


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  • You're her backup. Personally I wouldn't wait around, and try to find a date of my own. You could push for an answer but it is probably no, and being pushy won't work in your favour either.

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