Today is my boyfriend's birthday. He lives with my dad and me. He had to work today and tonight he's spending his birthday with his family, but shouldn't he have at least invited me over?

He didn't invite me. Is this bad news for us? We have been dating for 3 months. He says he isn't a birthday person and that he would rather just sleep (he has two jobs and works all the time because he is saving up for his own place). He moved in here because he didn't have another place to go, not to progress our relationship.
I want to take things slow and I'm happy for him that he has goals that he is working toward.. However I *am* a birthday person and I feel like this is his special day so he should have included me. Am I wrong for that? Should he have at least invited me over?
He was originally going to the mountains to see his grandma with his mom before being put on the work schedule. I haven't met his grandma yet, but he doesn't want me to yet because it's her anniversary with his deceased grandfather so it's an emotional time for her.

I get it but wouldn't meeting someone new help? Or should I just leave it alone? I'm not sure what to think.


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  • THAT Bday party is NOT the one for you BUT you can hold a Bday party on ANOTHER day that could be memorable (to him) in that it was restful, emotion/drama/travel free and be the oasis he needs to compensate for two jobs! Think now what all that cold entail & when he would be rested enough to enjoy it.


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  • I'm not a birthday guy either. I wouldn't invite people to do things with me just because it's my birthday. And if my family insisted on something I would assume other people wouldn't want to be there while I endure the annoyance. Could be your boyfriend is like me, in which case just treat it as any other day.

  • I'm smelling that he's using you in a huge way. Sorry to say that, but it's my gut. I have a daughter your age and when she fell in love, her boyfriend was all over meeting me. Be careful.

    • He went as far as saying that even happy birthday texts are annoying to him. It's super awkward and I already paid for a $50 tattoo for him, so at least I bought him something... Still, my suspicions sometimes are like yours 😁😣... He's not affectionate at all and I only rarely get to hug up to him.

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