How do I stop crushing on him before anything happens?

so 2 years ago i met this guy i never really talked to him for until this year and when i first started he kinda freaked me out. But i got over that and we started talking. i guess you could say that from what i know im mini crushing on him but from mutual friends i've been told he's a bad guy. i thought i'd get over it in a week or so but i think he knows i've got a thing for him and i know thats gonna get in me head and i'll end up wanting him more. what do i do?


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  • How about you keep what your friends have said in the back of your mind while figuring out if it is true. That's why you should always observe the way people treat others before having "mini crushes" on them.

    • i took your advice and he's actually pretty nice to me and other people i guess it's just when it comes to dating he's a screw up

    • Well, then you shall never date him darling.

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