Should I text him back or just forget about it?

There is this guy, we were classmates in college, but never really talked outside of class. I randomly drunk texted him one night which lead to a 2 hour text convo and an inside joke. Since then we have been texting always started by me. Does he like me or is he being polite? He never answered my last text, I don't if I should the missed text or if that is a bad idea.


Thanks for the responses! I for got to mention that we don't live anywhere near each other, so hanging out isn't really possible. Any other solutions?
He wrote back.


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  • Don't text him anymore. Call him and ask him to hang out with you and make a reference to the inside joke. Inside jokes are always good because they are like a special communication that only you two know the meaning. It's not for sure if he likes you just because he texted you back and had a conversation. But you will never know, unless you ask him to hang out. Say, "I'm going to watch the _____ movie. You should come with me it would be much funner." Best of luck.

  • Well, there are two ways you could go about to see if he likes you or if he's just being polite.

    You can either:

    A) Call him or text him and ask him to hang out.


    B) Not call him or text him and see if he texts or calls you and see what he says.

    • In the case of your update, I would say go with my answer choice B.

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