Problem with my crush... HELP!!! > <?

Okay i will try to keep this short. So i knew this guy a month a go at a party and he is in one of my class too. We've been chatting through fb quite often since then although we dont talk much in class and in person. But there was one day like ten days ago he asked me to study with him and after that we ended up in my apartment watching movie and chill. We talked a lot and he shared a lot of his stories with me and i think it was super fun hanging out with him. We chilled until about 3am and he stayed over though i only had one bed. Yes we did ended up sleeping together but nothing happened. And I haven't really heard anything from him afterwards. He used to message me like every day or two but now its just nothing. We still say hi in class and sometimes sit together but we dont talk much. I dont know exactly but one of my friend said he does have interest in me at least and i kinda thought so too or else why would you message someone super often? I'm so confused now. Cuz i thought after that hangout we could at least become more like friends. Apparently he never talked to me like that night we hang, its like it didn't happen at all... And he is talkative when he is around his friends so clearly he didn't treat me like all those his friends. So did he lose interest? Or maybe he is just a super random guy? But i assume everyone has feeling right? How does he act like we just knew each other ytd? please help me i m so confused now and i think i m kinda into him tho i dont know him that well or for that long > <

  • This might not be the end of the world and you prob still have a chance :)
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  • Nah give up and move on cuz he is not interested in you at all :(
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any suggestions ppl?


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  • if he likes you, then he probably just read some blog that told him to not be needy/clingy lol. send him some clear signals that you are interested. we guys, aren't always super attentive. so we need all the help we can get. if you like him, just dont keep it a secret. from what you said though, it seems like he's definitely interested

    • but he said he doesn't like girls that are clingy so i dont want him to think i m clingy or needy at all. And my biggest concern is that is it possible for a guy to suddenly lose interest over a night?

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