Ladies, how should I win her back?

So long story short last fall I met this girl and we had amazing chemistry like I have never had before. Now I know 75% of people are super anti-ex and this question is not for you. We broke up and tried dating a few more times. But she has a trust issues and thinks I won't commit. The last time I was going slow because SHE asked and she still blames me. I think we both still like each other and she just thinks I won't commit so it will not work.

Anyway I really have never found a women I wanted to fight for until now but I have no clue how to win her back. All the online "help" I find and my own experience says romance after a break up never works and to go slow and trick my way back in. But going slow is what got me here she thinks I can not step up. Im visiting her city on vacation next month and I want to try to send flowers and ask her to meet me for a "date" a word that I think would mean and show a lot to her. But at the same time I am going to look desperate. How do I look like Im serious and want to jump all in but not come off as desperate which drives her away? Any tips on what to say or do.

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  • Even the girls who pretend to hate romance still love it deep down. I always said I hated romantic gestures, bbut every girl likes to feel special and that she's the only girl on your mind. My ex got me back that way and you can make it after a break up. We've been together and goin' strong since then.

    • I know this is probably silly but you kind of made my night. There are still some things I have to figure out with this but its nice to hear your story. Since we broke up the first time we have only ever hung out. I only asked her on a date using the word date once since the break up back in may and she about fell over she was so happy. Things have been really confusing for me the last year or 2 and she hasn't ever dealt with depression so I think I scare her at times when Im distant. But I do care even if she doesn't believe me.

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  • I once went back to an ex. Here's what I figured out from it. You first have to become friends, slowly growing back to normal. Don't rush into it though, you have to take it slow. Treat them like a normal friend, but like you know that friend differently. Then you have to closetly flirt, not too obviously but that its semi noticeable. If they reciprocate it, than you can just flirt as normal. Make sure you keep talking though, don't just always flirt. After awhile of doing that you'll figure out stuff. You could always casually go do things BUT NOT EXPECT IT LIKE A DATE. Don't treat her like your ex/gf or whatever right away, might scare her off. But remember you know her better than I do, but this is what I did.

    • See the problem is I tried that already, or I guess we tried. All it did was piss he off that I wouldn't make a move and now she is really mad. She wants me to commit.

    • If she wants you to commit. Then that's the only way to get her back.

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