What is the best time to kiss on date?

Okay, so this girl and I are going on our first date Saturday. Neither of us are very "reserved" so I don't believe that I am "rushing it" or anything. Here is how the date is going to go:
I am going to her house, meeting her dad, then driving her an hour away to the city where the theater is.
We are going to eat lunch first.
After that drive to movies, see movie.
After that I take her home.

I've gotten different people tell me different things. One said she will probably be begging for it on the inside, so it is good to kiss really soon, and kind of "get it out of the way" but in a romantic way. Also it's not cliche like the after date kiss.
Another said that I should do it after the movie, but I've been told it sucks, so I don't know if I want to kiss after a dissappointing movie.

Could, while we are sitting together, and the trailers are going, I could kiss her in the darkness?

What do you think? When would be the best time?


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  • Totally kissing her in the darkness sounds super cute , when you guys keep sneaking looks at each other and you begin to feel your emotions rising. But mainly don't try and plan it , I think a first kiss should just happen... You'll know when it's time and it'll be amazing.


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  • You'll know when the time is right :) If she keeps looking at your lips, ya know the time is right

  • I think best time would be when you are walking her to her front door and when you tell her good night. Kiss her on the cheek. (save the real kiss for the second date)


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