Do selfish people change and is it smart to get your ex back?

My ex nd i have dated for almost 2 months nd we broke up do to him selfish self. Almost a month later he sends me i love u i ignored him, nd the next day he asked me do you still love me or u moved on i said i moved on nd he kept on going i did too anyways i won he asked if we can still be friends we did nd he tried me again i showed my best friend the message he has been sending to me nd she said he really wants me back. But the problem is its a long distance relationship nd his study is going to end 8 months from today he asked me if i want him to come as early as one month from today i do but he is gonna have to leave his study i dont know if he changed from the selfish person he was nd he knows i dont want him to leave his studies nd regret it u know. i just dont want to get played if i wait for. him that long nd end up he was just wasting my time


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  • A selfish person can change but it usually takes a very long time for that to happen. (I experienced it in my past relationship which was 5yrs. We've separated 2yrs now and he has not changed but tries to get me back)
    For change to happen, i think people need to recognize what is wrong and be willing to change it, not for you, but because it is wrong. If they seemingly change it for you, trust me when i say that's the only way it seems.
    Actions speak louder than words, so let his actions be the deciding factor for you.
    All the best


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  • a selfish person can change. sure, but it usually takes time to go from selfish to selfless

    should you get back together with him? that's entirely up to you and should be based on a lot more than texts he sends you. you should see some evidence (through his actions) that he is different and not base your decision 100% on what he says in text messages


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  • Holy run on sentence, Batman!

    In all seriousness, yes, people can change. And it's never a good idea to try dating your ex again.

    • 😊thank u i knew it was not a good idea but i felt bad about say no to him every time u know