How. to turn my boyfriend on?

((Dont read this if you're not going to give advice))
I think I'm gonna see my boyfriend tonight and I wanna get him turned on. Like really turned on but I'm not sure how. He likes getting kissed on the neck and he starts breathing heavily when he gets hard or is about to ejaculate but I dont know what else I can do to get him turned on. We're usually in the car so how should I get him turned on without having to give him a bj or something. Please help! Thanks!


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  • If you're in the car you could do some hand stuff. Other than the hand stuff, show some skin. Or a lot of skin. I had a GF once that stripped down to only her bra while she was driving. I almost came in my pants. I'm sure your boyfriend would appreciate seeing something that he isn't expecting to see.

  • find out what he likes most i guess


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