Well finally went on my first date and?

I think I completely messed it up, we met on tinder and we met for the first time in person last week, he came to visit my college campus because he is planning on transferring to my campus next year, he originally came to visit his friend but then we met over tinder and he wanted to meet up and go for pizza but he brought his brother and his friend so i invited two of my friends it was a very quiet dinner we kind of kept to our selves and chatted with our friends when I did get the nerve to ask him some questions he gave me one word answers and it went back to being awkard... BUT we still are texting and are both more talkative over text! So i don't understand what I did wrong did he think wow this chick is weird because of how shy/nervous I was later that evening I apologized to him and said sorry for being so shy i was nervous (over text) he told me I shouldn't have been nervous it was just him then he said if his brother wasn't there we could have hung out more , we are still chatting but I think I missed my opportunity to go to the next stage... I don't know thoughts! the two friends I brought said he could have started a conversation also and it wasn't just me , they said he also wasn't being very talkative, ugh I am such a ditz=/

1) I was so nervous I couldn't maintain eye contact for more than 1 minute with him.
2) we went in a group of friends and he kind of spoke to his friends and I kind of spoke to my friends we really didn't speak to each other.


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  • You haven't missed your chance, but you need to go just the two of you - the group thing (whyyyyyyy) backfired because who wants to have date talk in front of their friends?

  • Ask him on another date and try to do a little better. You just need more practice.


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