Falling in love first time. Why am I nervous?

I'm 20 I've dated a couple different girls through high school and such. I'm really falling for this one girl. And I'm the type of guy that bards in my mouth when I see lubby dubby couple shit. I'm not like that at all. This girl is amazing and she's crazy about me. I'm talking to fast around her and saying to much. I'm usually smooth and can charm almost any girl. How can I calm this.


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  • Feelings are so heavy, you don't know how to deal with it. But this is great. That is what love is about. You don't need to control. Just let it go.
    Love is about letting go. Just be yourself and enjoy every moment of this crazy feeling because it is very rare. And not it's not easy to find.
    Just relax and take a deep breath. When you try to control, you lose control more.
    So be easy to you. Don't judge yourself. Your attitude towards this woman is different because she is different than others. She is special and she likes you :) That is wonderful
    enjoy and have fun :)

    • Thank you. It's hard for me to come out with all of that feel like a little softie. She sees me as such an alpha.

    • I never understood that concept. Alpha -beta? That is just fashion. They made it up. lol
      The important thing is completing each other. And being comfortable. That is it.

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  • You are nervous because the rest of your life hinges on this.

    Can you remain abstinent? If you truly, truly love her, you will get to know her, and love her, in abstinence, saving seeing her naked for your wedding night.

    If you have sex with her before then, you will have not laid the right foundation, and introduced all sorts of emotions and feelings that will deceive you as to her true character.

    Learn discipline and patience. If she is to be your wife, the woman who will keep you satisfied for the rest of your life, NOW is the time to get to know her on a deep level! Understand her heart. What does she love? In life, in you?

    And calm down... But keep your tenderness, and your softness. Keep your heart open, even if it means it can be hurt, because if you shield it from pain, you shield it from her.

    • We're way past that. Lol I respect your religious views but I don't believe in saving sex until marriage. I think sex is an important factor in a relationship and you should know if you have sexual chemistry with the one you going to spend the rest of your life with.

    • If you truly love her, and she loves you, sexual chemistry is a given. Work on the love first. Boyfriend/girlfriend means nothing. If you want to impress her give your life to her in marriage.